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Married Ministrymarriage-ministry-logo

Marriage is tough. When two imperfect people try to live happily ever after, something is bound to go wrong. If you’re struggling with communication, intimacy, and unresolved conflict it’s not too late. You and your spouse can be better together.

Join us as we systematically examine the scriptures locating truths and patterns that instruct couples how to better their marriages.  This exciting class meets each Sunday morning at 10:00 am.

Teen MinistryYouth Ministry

The next generation is poised to change the world! Each Sunday morning at 10:00 am our teen student ministry targets those in the 6th through12th grade. It’s designed to give them a place where they can learn the word of God, interact with other people, and have fun.

Monthly activities coordinate with teaching designed to inculcate a through Biblical world-view to teens living in a post-modern world.

Children’s MinistryChildren's Ministry

Every Wednesday children (4 to 12 years old) experience safe, music based program where the Bible is taught in creative and relevant ways.   Each month the Patch Program is featured in our Sunday morning service.

We would love to see you and your family participate in our Patch Program  this Wednesday at 7:00 pm.  Join the fun and experience a world where kids are introduced to the Lord Jesus Christ!

Outreach MinistryOutreach Ministry

Every church should reach out to the lost in their area. Our outreach efforts include creating a sense of presence by contacting people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This type of evangelism includes in-home visitation, hospital visitation, and holiday outreach activities.

Our program also includes a worldwide approach to evangelism attempting to send missionaries around the world.  The annual missions conference is the highlight of our year where missionary personnel and projects are prayerfully considered for support.  The congregation is able to interact with its missionaries, through financial support and short-term trips mission trips around the world.

Bible StudyBible Study Ministry

Are you looking for a chance to learn more about the Bible and meet new people? Every Wednesday night features in an informal format congregational prayer and a detailed Bible study.  Our Sunday school instruction seeks to minister the scriptures through a needs-based format designed for specific groups within the church body.  Quarterly studies are planned for men, women, and teens apart from the traditional worship service schedule.

Join one of these groups and grow in your walk with Jesus Christ and with people that can support you in taking the next step in your Christian journey. We believe life is better when you operate within a community.  We have group options available for married couples, teens, children, men and women. We want to help you find the best fit.