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The Record of a Successful Marriage

Proverbs thirty-one documents an ode to the virtuous woman.  A woman and her amazing marriage are the result of sustaining three distinctive links.

  1. With Her God Observe how she fears the Lord (vs. 30).  The “fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverbs 1:7).  Knowing the Lord is not only essential for salvation but tends to enrich every relationship in life.  A growing affection for the Lord generates the recognition and homage she receives from her family and (vs. 28) her community (vs.20).
  1. With Her Husband  This woman treasures her husband by working to meet his needs (vs. 11-12), and taking pride in his reputation (vs. 23, 25).  This happiness includes the ability to “open her mouth with wisdom” (vs.26).  Unlike many relationships today, she wisely communicates with her spouse.  Men rarely respond to a “nuanced” approach; they require a more direct and hearty communication.
  1. With Herself. Throughout these twenty-two verses she maintains an existence outside the home.  Many women erroneously associate some of the tasks of marriage (doing the laundry, cooking the food or cleaning the house) as the measure of laudable motherhood.  Such a laborious prospect diminishes the prospect of a happy marriage. This woman refused to surrender her personhood and preserved her sanity by engaging outside interests (vs.14, 20, 24).  Contrary to what people may think, her outside activities augmented rather than detracted from the home.